Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Life gets in the way

Sorry for the huge amount of time since my last post. I've just been so busy, I've not even blogged about the zine fest! It went amazingly well, and was loads of fun (and also a bit stressful). Still, I can't wait to start organising the next zine event in Sheffield! Loads of people have blogged about it, here are some of them!

Spill the Zines:

Me and Chella were also interviewed by Russell Cavanagh. Video here:

Me and my bunting! (Thanks Rebs for the supplies!)

Jen at my table. I barely had time to sit at my own stall all day!

In other news, Jen and I have found an awesome flat in Sheffield, and we'll be moving in next week! It's perfect for us, huge, central, and cheap! I got lucky when I called up a friends landlord to see if he had anything available, and he had just started to renovate this place. It's almost finished, the plumber is in today and there are a few electrician jobs to do, then we get to decorate. I'm so excited!

Maybe once we've moved and I have more time (because I'm currently travelling 2+ hours each way to work) I'll also be able to start doing some proper outfit posts and writing about fashion and gender presentation again. At the moment, all I seem to be wearing is pyjamas and this:

Nice huh? I'm enjoying my new(ish) job, I'm just not enjoying all that travelling! Anyway, more news soon about the flat and a zine update! xo

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