Monday, 29 August 2011

Zines you should read

Functionally Ill #10
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I've been trading zines with Laura-Marie for a few years now and I always look forward to her zines dropping through my post box! I like to know how she's getting on, and reading Functionally Ill is sometimes like taking a peek at her diary or even delving into her brain.

In this issue, Laura-Marie discusses her feelings on the word crazy, reclaiming it and being proud of it, as well as how her crazy manifests. Other topics for this issue include recovery, mad love, and the authors feelings on her friends self-harming. Functionally Ill continues to be one of my favourite zines for its simple honesty and Laura-Marie's wonderfully descriptive writing style.


Ellipsis #1
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Sarah-Beth says in her intro that she will no doubt look back on this issue and say 'I could have done better'. Well, I hope not because this is a wonderful little zine. Ellipsis #1 has thoughtful pieces about comments from others on her eating habits, bravery, friendships and bicycling, alongside lists and other musings. As well as the thoughtful and well written content, Ellipsis is aesthetically lovely and I can't wait for a second issue!


Not Lonely #6
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This issue, as Hannah says in her intro, is a little different from usual, being largely focussed on a trip to Holland. I loved Hannah's commentary on her adventures (breakfast sprinkles?!) interspersed with the odd photo. The zine is concluded with a piece on books Hannah loved as a child, loads of which I too loved, especially The Naughtiest Girl in the School series and Malory Towers, though I wouldn't want to spoil them by re-reading as an adult. I always enjoy catching up through Hannah's zines, and I'm also reminded that I owe her a letter!


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